In 1988 DJ Molteni chose to follow his passion and threw himself into the “art of mixing”. As he played in small prestigious clubs and venues throughout Italy his experience grew and he became a highly sought after DJ in the Club scene of the time. In 1996 he began working in collaboration with some private radio stations and Clubs in Northern Italy and over the next few years grew his experience to incorporate post production audio, jingles and dubbing specifically for Radio and TV Commercials. During this time he was retained by several prestigious Studios until 2006 when he was invited to produce the radio show “Ondesonore” for InBlu Network. This production included a dynamic program of electronic dance vibes with intricate musical technicality and great musical appeal. His work on this production was greatly acclaimed. DJ Molteni works with precision and great attention to detail, with dedication and first and foremost his greatest attribute, Passion!. He is currently A&R for R&T Music Publishing SA and works in close collaboration with PierAdis Rossini the Executive Producer of the Company. DJ Molteni is based at the Company’s Underground Studio in Northern Italy and shares his extensive experience with all the artists under the Company umbrella.