PierAdis (aka Pier) Rossini was born in Brescia Italy and he studied music at the Conservatorio di Brescia. He became an accomplished pianist and, in the early 80’s, he put together a highly sought after and successful cover band called “Tiger” which travelled throughout Europe during the early 80’s playing covers of the greatest 80’s hits. The band was commissioned by the Flotta Lauro to be the resident band on their vessel The Achille Lauro and during this time, the ship was based in the Indian Ocean and completed many cruises from Durban and Cape Town to the Seychelles and Mauritius. Tiger was the resident band on the ship for this period. He had a great interest in the IT industry which was growing at an enormous rate in the late 80’s and he developed a digital prototype to support the performance of the STUDER A80 24 Track. This digital solution was far superior to the existing analog function for pitch control. The Digital solution allowed him to synchronize the samplers with the analog tape in real time. This was quite a ground breaking development for this time. PierAdis’s productions are famous worldwide. His first successes were in the late 80’s (1988) with “Die Walkure” by the 49ers, and Cappella's “Helyom Halib” and “Bauhaus”. Major success arrived with the release of the first album by the 49ers, which included the chart busting track “Touch Me” that reached #1 in the USA and the UK. The track was closely followed by “Don't You Love Me”, “How Longer”, “I Need You”, and “Girl To Girl”, which all reached top ten places in the charts worldwide. The successes continued with “Deep in My Heart” by Clubhouse, “Everybody” by Cappella, and “Antico” by Antico. Leading labels worldwide began releasing his productions. In 1991 he set up the DJ Movement dance music record company. Success was not long in coming, and his ?rst release, “Cover Model” by Sabrina Salerno, conquered the French charts. “Energy Express” by Hysteria followed, and gained a place in Billboard's top 20, and Space Master's “I Need You” reached #1 in the hot dance charts on the 7th of November 1992. In November 1992, DJ Movement produced hits at an increasing rate. The company grew fast and it granted licenses all over the world. 1994 was a great year for him, “Bang” by The Riders achieved great success in Belgium and Holland, “House Traf?c” on the 'logic' label, distributed by BMG, was a great hit in the UK, Fargetta's new single “This Time (Sexy Night)” scaled great heights, and in the 1995 there was the release of Space Master's new single, “In The Name Of Love”. PierAdis Rossini then mixed Miko Mission's single “I Can Fly” and in winter 1997 he set up, together with Dario Peroni, who handled the administration, The Intercool, a new dance music record company. In this period there was the chance meeting between PierAdis Rossini and Ottomix (producer of the Black Machine). With the help of DJ Paola Peroni they produced the new Ottomix “Boom Boom”. From that moment Ottomix started working with Intercool on new projects like Alex Castelli, “Enjoy”, which track was cloned by many different European labels, and Frank Martino with The Gap. In March 1998 PierAdis Rossini, Paola Peroni and Ottomix created Bacon Popper at Tram Tram studios. The single “Free” by Bacon Popper scaled the charts of all Europe. For the new millennium, PierAdis Rossini, Paola Peroni and Ottomix produced the follow ups of these artists: Bacon Popper, Alex Castelli, Frank Martino and DJ Groovy and many others. Some other Gold Records Produced by P. Rossini:


2 Mistakes: Sweet Little Boy,

4 Non Bonds: Never Say Bond,

49ers: Die Walkure, Touch Me, Don't You Love Me, How Longer, I Need You, Girl To Girl

Alex Castelli: Enjoy

Antico: Antico

Ars Nova: I Don't Want Your Love, Some Days

Bacon Popper: Free, Funk 2001, Rejoice in Love, Trip to India

Cappella: Helyom Halib, Be Master In One's Own House (remix only), Everybody

Clubhouse: Deep in My Heart

Collapse: My Love

Fargetta: This Time (Sexy Night), Midnight

Mr Moon Hi-Basic: Can You Feel It, Go!

High State Logic (HSL): Crime of Passion, If you believe (feat Lorna Rowe)

Hysteria: Energy Express


PierAdis Rossini continues to work from his Underground Studio in Brescia and has set up a Studio and publishing company in South Africa, R&T Music Publishing SA, through which he intends to showcase some fresh and exciting new European and South African talent. He works closely with producers in the UK where one of his new tracks “In my Heart” is due for release this European Summer. He is currently working on releasing his newest track, The Yankees, “Now”. Since his numerous trips to South Africa in the 80’s he has a great love for the Country and feels at his most comfortable deep in the bush with his beloved elephants.